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Publishing list of registered players enabled!

Web registering for the tournament and manual updating of published list of registered players are enabled.

Dear tournament organizers,
Long awaited feature of managing and publishing list of players registered for a tournament has arrived and we hope that it will help you in organizing tournament significantly.
Now it is possible to enable players with verified player's profile to register for the tournament and into chosen categories directly on the tournament web page.
Also it is possible to define time until such registrations will be possible, after which such feature will be disabled (you can disable it manually at any time).
Players registered in that way will be displayed automatically in a list of registered players on the tournament web page.
Players are able to un-register themselves from the tournament i.e. remove themselves from the list of registered players if they change their mind or are unable to attend the tournament.

The players without verified player's profile or when defined web registration deadline expired, are still able to register the way you defined (by e-mail, phone, in person,...), and you can enter their name and collected data manually on registered players list. With manual entries it's important to try to find and enter player from a list of players with Pingic profile first, and only if not there to enter it as a player without Pingic profile, to avoid creating duplicates in database.

You can manually remove both players that registered by themselves via web and the ones that you entered manually, from the list at any time.

We hope that such list of registered players, updated in real time, will help players to organize themselves regarding traveling to the far away tournaments by knowing who else from their town is planning to attend the tournament.
Also, we hope that it will help you to keep evidence of registered players as the list will always be at hand wherever you have Internet access, so there will be no need to write on papers but enter players on the list directly via mobile instead, whenever they contact you.

You can generate pdf document with the list of registered players by category (each category on a separate page) with a single click, so you can save it locally on a disk or print it out. Moreover, we suggest to save the list from time to time as a form of backup.
We presume that you will print the last version just before the tournament start and use it for administering registration fee payments.

Please send us your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Your Pingic Team

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