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Pingic web site localization in 5 languages is completed!

Pingic web site localization in 5 languages is completed in full, while localization in other languages is still ongoing!

Dear Pingic friends,
Because number of Pingic followers and the Countries they reside, where different languages are spoken is growing daily and we want to bring it closer to all table tennis enthusiasts, there was a need to re-organize and localize Pingic web site in multiple languages.
That means not only translating web site, but creating separate news in separate languages and creating and following separate facebook pages for each language. It also means that Facebook group Pingić is going international and there will be more and more members from different countries, so new rules and changes will be introduced shortly.
The first thing you can notice is that in language menu you can choose between 5 languages, however to spare users from changing language each time they visit the site, new domains are created for each language as follows:
Croatian - www.turniri.pingic.com
English - www.tournaments.pingic.com
Bulgarian - www.sustezaniq.pingic.com
Albanian - www.turnete.pingic.com
Macedonian - www.natprevari.pingic.com
You can also notice that each language has it's own news, i.e. you will see different news when you switch languages because each news are not interested to everyone and there is no need to translate it in every single language.
Each language has one or more news posters, which create new news or translate them from other languages depending on their own judgment.
In order not having to check if there are any new news in each language you speak, Pingic facebook pages are created for each language and the news in each language will be shared on corresponding Pingic facebook pages. Therefore, we invite you to like and follow Pingic facebook pages in all languages you speak, so you can receive news through facebook immediately.
You can find links to Pingic facebook pages in each language on the Pingic home page in each language on the right hand side and here is the list:
Croatian - Pingic hrv - www.facebook.com/PingicHRV
English - Pingic eng - www.facebook.com/PingicENG
Bulgarian - Pingic bul - www.facebook.com/PingicBUL
Albanian - Pingic sqi - www.facebook.com/PingicSQI
Macedonian - pingic mkd - www.facebook.com/PingicMKD

Apart form Pingic news, the other news related to recreational and veteran's table tennis will be posted on Pingic facebook pages and we invite you to publish such news and interesting topics as well.
Enjoj Pingic!
Author: Nikola Kašić
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