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Pingic tournaments calendar on PPFM pages

You can find pingic tournamens calendar on PPFM's (Macedonian Table Tennis Association) official pages now!

Dear Pingic friends,
Players from Macedonia too, can follow tournaments published on Pingic, on their national table tennis association's official pages now.
Calendar is displayed on the right hand side of their homepage (Table Tennis Federation of Macedonia).

That way Macedonian national association joined national associations of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Vojvodina and many more other table tennis organisations, clubs and web sites which display tournaments calendar from Pingic web site on their web pages.
Please click here for larger list.

If you wish to display tournaments calendar on your web site too, please contact us and we will send you customised short html code with instructions.

It takes literally 5 minutes for web adminsto insert code and thus display the calendar.

Thank you for expanding Pingic family.

Your Pingic Team

Author: Nikola Kašić
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