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Pingic is going international

Pingic is spreading to neighboring countries and will be available in 10 languages shortly

Pingic web site idea started from Croatia, but soon it showed that there is an interest in such web site in other countries too. Therefore it became apparent that, beside Croatian, web site must exist in one of the worldwide languages too and English was chosen.
So now, Pingic has two basic languages, Croatian and English.
However, to make it even more user friendly, we enabled easy translating of web site into other languages, if there is a need or interest.
Thanks to our volunteers, enthusiasts and table tennis lovers from neighboring countries, Pingic web site is currently being translated into other languages and will be available in 10 languages soon.
Translators for each language are listed on Contacts page and you can contact them for any questions or suggestions related to particular language by clicking on their name.
Sometimes, when new pages are created, translators will not be able to translate them immediately. In those cases, text will be displayed in one of substitute languages i.e. basic languages.
E.g. if text is not translated to Bosnian, it will be displayed in Croatian and if it's not translated to Greek it will be displayed in English.
If you see such text appearing, please contact translator and ask him to translate it. 
Translator defines substitute languages for each language.
FAQ section translation is not available at the moment but will become shortly.
If your language is not available, and you would like to translate web site into it, please contact us.
Because of the international character of the web site, all the news will be published both in Croatian and in English in the future.
Author: Nikola Kašić
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