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Pingic Brac is starting

League competitions under the name of Pingic Brac are starting on 6th of September 2021.

And now it’s official!


Badminton club Škrok from Nerežišća, with IT and organizational support of Pingic, is starting table tennis league competitions under the name of Pingic Brac, after the Summer.

Registrations will be until 1st of September 2021 and competitions will start in the week starting on 6th of September 2021, COVID situation permitting, of course.

Competitions will be based on the 70-years of experience of a very successful Association of recreational players of Zagreb - SOKAZ, which organizes competition of more than 1.500 players each season, through more than 20 leagues with about 300 teams.

The ones who competed or followed results in SOKAZ are already familiar with the competition model and for the rest here are some basic information:


  • It is team competition, where each team has three players which play individual games against each player in opposing team, which makes 9 games in singles plus one game in doubles making 10 games in total.
  • All games are played, regardless of result, so the total number of games played is always 10 (result can be e.g. 10:0, 7:3, 5:5, etc.)
  • Games are played in a best of five sets format, and according to ITTF rules.
  • Team can register more than 3 players so various players can play due to tactical or any other reasons (e.g. someone unable to attend the match)
  • Team matches are played on working days (Mon-Fri), unless teams agree otherwise.
  • Host team must offer to the guest team two timeslots for matches, starting between 17 and 20 o’clock, where at least one must be 19 o’clock or later. Guest team picks one of two timeslots offered.
  • Host team must provide everything needed for playing the match (venue, table, balls...) 


Detailed rules and all the news will be posted on official Pingic Brac web pages www.brac.pingic.com, and you can ask questions and follow the news in facebook group Pingić Brač.


And now, find that old racket and balls in the garage and start practicing!


We wish you many new sport friends and let the best one win.


Your Pingic Team.

Author: Nikola Kašić
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