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Pingić tournaments calendar on HSTS homepage!

HSTS re-designed its internet pages and you can find Pingic tournaments calendar on them.

HSTS (CTTA - Croatian Table Tennis Association) has re-designed its internet pages (www.hsts.hr) to enable more functionalities recently
There you can find embedded Pingic calendar from Pingic web site. You can find it on the home page and all other pages on the right hand side.
That way, apart from SOKAZ pages and number of other table tennis sites in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegroand other countries, Pingic calendar is on CTTA official pages and tournaments posted on Pingic web site can be displayed on all those web sites automatically.
If you would like Pingic tournaments calendar to appear on your web site, or you know someone who is interested in it, please contact us and we will prepare and send you one line of code, which is enough to insert on the place where wou would like calendar to appear.
It is possible to adjust calendar display and pick language, which tournaments to display, colours, font sizes etc. in order to blend into your existing web pages.

Your Pingic Team

Author: Nikola Kašić
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