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Pingić supports secure http protocol (https)

Pingić web site now supports communication through https protocol

Dear Pingic friends,

In order to build foundations for developing even more functionalities and services in the future, we enabled using https protocol in communication with Pingic web server. That means that communication between user and web server is encrypted, which would allow for collecting sensitive data and introducing payment services in the future.

Also, some organizations have security policies in place, which forbid linking to web sites without https protocol. It is possible to link to such organizations now.

You can notice the difference by "Secure" label in Address bar in front of web site URL, as you can see on the picture. 

For the web sites that have embedded pingic tournaments calendar already, their web admins should replace http with https in embed code if they would like to switch to https protocol.

We hope you will enjoy new functionalities soon to appear.

Your Pingic Team

Author: Nikola Kašić
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